Adjust A Credit

When would I adjust a credit?

There are times when you may need to adjust a credit (for example when the insurance company pays more than the client expected).  Not to worry.   Adjusting a credit is used when you want to adjust a client account.  You would adjust a credit when there is a credit balance on a date of service and you want to ‘apply’ the credit to a date of service (DOS) that has a debit balance.

How do I adjust a credit?

To enter the adjustment, go to Payments Received and Adjustments.

  • Click on Enter New Item, choose ‘from client’ from the first drop down box, and then select the clients name.
  • Enter in the date at the top and zero in the total amount box.
  • Click on the hand next to the DOS with the credit to be adjusted and click Save.
  • Click on the hand next to the DOS with debit amount and click Save.
  • Click Update Account Balance to post the adjustment.

You will note that the Remaining Amount will update each time you click on a DOS and click Save.  The Remaining Amount must equal $0 before the system will allow you to post the payment (Update Account Balance).  If you are adjusting uneven amounts, you may need to enter the difference in the Carry Forward box.  By entering the amount in the Carry Forward box, you are telling the system that you are carrying the amount forward on the clients account and they are still responsible for either the credit or debit amount being carried forward.

Once you have clicked Save and are prompted to Update Account Balance, you have posted the adjustment.  If you carried forward a balance, you will note that you now have a session to bill in Invoice Clients and Insurance.  Please invoice that Carry Forward amount to add it back to the client balance.