Client Tags

Tagging clients gives you a powerful way to slice-and-dice the information that’s included in various reports such as Practice Statistics, Clinician Payroll Report, Session Activity and others.  You can track revenue and activity for specific referral sources, types of clients, types of services, and whatever else you want to tag. Tags are words or short phrases that… Read More »

Passwords & Security – Best Practices

Security begins with a good password. The most important factor in the strength of a password is it’s length. All else equal, a 40 character password will be immeasurably stronger than a 6 character password. Also, mixing upper & lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters into a password give them the ability to withstand dictionary-like… Read More »

Group Practice Enhancements

Group practices comprise a substantial portion of our customer base, and we continue to invest in enhancements targeting group practices. Our product roadmap for group practices divides into three main categories: Reporting – See what’s going on across all providers within a group. Archival – Saving and accessing client information for a provider who is… Read More »